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Our Team

Not Pictured:
Amy Duthie, Occupational Therapist
Betty Sallengs, Director of Development
Casey Bose, Physical Therapist
David Payne, Sponsor & Donor Relations Manager
Haley Shewsbury, Speech-Language Pathologist
Jennifer Rogers, Speech-Language pathologist
Jenny Thrasher, Speech-Language Pathologist
Julia Cole, Occupational Therapist
Julie Massey, Physical Therapist Assistant
Kate Smith, Health Services Assistant
Kristin Hamrick, Physical Therapist
Lauren Vincent, Physical Therapist
Laurie Grimes, Pediatric Psychologist
Lynn Lukins, Physical Therapist
Megan Sherehiy, Speech Therapist
Megan Fahey, Executive Assistant
Mariasa McIver, Receptionist
Natalie Jones, Physical Therapist
Pam Herthel, Office Manager
Sally Sanders, Speech-Language Pathologist
Tammy Stuart-Keeling, Insurance Clerk
Theresa Javier, Speech-Language Pathologist
Mary Elder, Speech-Language Pathologist
Mary Pat Reilly, Speech-Language Pathologist
Amy Allen, Occupational Therapist
Tammy Baum,  Occupational Therapist
Rebecca “Becca” Montgomery,  Speech-Language Pathologist
Kellie Robinson, Physical Therapist
Amanda Conway, Occupational Therapist
Olivette “Sha” Vannerson, Housekeeping
Kyle Phillips, Housekeeping