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Wish List

Our therapists work hard to provide life-changing therapies that help kids live their best lives! If you want to help them out, we have a list of products that can help our kids go further:

Supplies for Occupational Therapy

Board Games

Tricky Hands
Pop the Pig
Stack Up
Silly Street

Fat Brain Toys Lalaboom 48 pc Set

Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set, 24 Piece

Tempra and Acrylic paints
Glue sticks
Bottles of white glue
Construction Paper
Alphabet Marks the spot
Bright Starts Little Lights and Music Toy
Washable Crayola regular size and pipsqueak markers
Simple Xmas craft kits
A large jug of school glue for slime
Construction paper
Ball pit balls
Bolts of Lycra fabric
Baking mixes (gluten-free and regular)
Sensory Integration Materials

Baseline Pneumatic bulb gauge
Frog Swing
Sling seat
Hilltop Stepping Stones
Crawling Tunnels
Bouncing T Stool
Flexion T-Bar
Linear Gliders
Bouncy fabric (12 yards)
Aerial Yoga Hammock

Supplies for Speech Therapy

iTunes gift cards for purchasing speech apps
Large unscented dry erase markers
Post-It self-stick wall pads (20 x 23)
Instructional dry erase boards
New CD players
DVD players
Specialized Speech Forms

CLEF-4 Speech form
CASL-2 Speech form
ROWPVT-4 Speech form
PAT-2: NU Speech form

Snap Circuits

Turing TumbleĀ 

Supplies for Social Skills

Newer generation large iPad
Smart TV
Lego sets
Remote controlled toys
Pokemon cards
Star Wars toys
Power Ranger toys
Barbie dolls
Baby dolls and accessories
Fun games
Easy Bake Oven and accessories
Costume kits
Arts and crafts kits
Bluetooth speaker
CD/Radio player

Office Supplies

Copy paper
Manila file folders
Packing tape
Large binder clips
Large paper clips
Germ X
Large and small manila mailers
Dawn dish detergent
Liquid dishwasher detergent
Liquid laundry detergent
Paper towels


Pirate Booty or Puffs
Honest Kid juice boxes
Fruity gummies
Apple sauce
Sunflower seed butter
Coconut oil