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Building Maintenance/Housekeeping/Facilities Manager


Develops and administers programs to maintain building, ground and equipment in accordance with regulation and administrative guidelines.  Maintains the building in livable conditions relative to heat, light, power, air conditioning and other broad environmental factors.  Directs the repair, reconstruction and construction of the building, physical plant and its contents.

Administers a preventive maintenance program to facilitate uninterrupted service to clients and to assure safe condition of employment to staff members.


  • Tours facility continually to determine that the facility is clean and well maintained.
  • Makes general repairs to the building and equipment or arranges for outside repair service.  This includes electrical, plumbing, computer wiring, etc.
  • Cleans the Center daily. This entails cleaning restrooms, emptying wastebaskets, sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, etc.  Cleans therapy rooms on a scheduled basis, sterilizes toys and therapy equipment as needed.  Checks waiting rooms throughout the day for cleanliness/clutter.
  • Moves furniture, computers, telephones on an as needed basis. Request professional assistance when necessary.
  • Cares for the Center’s grounds by weeding, collecting trash and other upkeep as needed. Winter may include shoveling snow, removing ice, etc.
  • Prepares surfaces for painting and paints on an as needed basis.
  • Conducts any regulatory inspectors through the building.
  • Schedule inspection of fire extinguishers.
  • Adds toner, paper, tape, etc. to the office copiers and mail machine.
  • Shows initiative by recognizing Center’s needs and demonstrates a willingness to accept new responsibilities.
  • Maintains a positive attitude. Maintains an effective working relationship with others and ensures teamwork and cooperation with other Center personal.
  • Complies with and enforces all Center policies and emergency procedures and compliance standards.


Education:     High school or GED and possess a valid drivers license.

Experience:   Two years previous maintenance experience in a commercial setting.


  • Ability to drive.


  • Supervision received by Assistant Director of Operations and Program Services.


Requires good general health and emotion stability

Physical Requirements:

  • Lifting up to 80 pounds, floor to shoulder height.
  • Push/pull up to maximum of 500 pounds
  • Bending/reaching/stooping/crawling during general maintenance activities.
  • Fine/gross motor dexterity with repetitious upper extremity movements using hand tools and vibrating electric tools.
  • Vision-able to read small print.
  • Hearing-able to communicate directly and by telephone.


The Building Maintenance/Housekeeping/Facility Manager is a non-exempt position.

To apply, send a resume to